101 Stupid Games

I Dangerous Games

  1. Land Diving
    Jumping from any place towards the ground, roof is good.
  2. Bang your head
    Against the wall usually, you can use carpenters or electricians tools.
  3. Iranian Roulette (6 Bullets)
    You can't miss!!!
  4. Burn Your House, Parents, Pets Yourself.
  5. Antagonize the Animals
    Just staring down a dog can be dangerous. Some people like to run out on a
    squirrel, or a bird party. Disrupting a gentle duck park scene can be rewarding.
  6. Finger in the Fan
  7. Fall to Your Death
  8. Static Shock
    Try the carpet, touch a friend
  9. Lose your Equilibrium
    Big meal before, makes the game more fun. Little messy.
  10. Function Sightless
  11. Slam into the Wall
  12.  Hit the Dirt
    When you are with your friends, and some one yells "Hit the dirt"
    everyone dives to the ground as fast as possible.
  13.  Slap Bob
    Whenever you meet any one named Bob, give them a good slap across their face.
    A nice ice breaker at parties

    II Challenging Games

  14.  Chase Your Shadow
    Instead of chasing your own shadow, try and stay in someone else'.
    Or chase your own if your alone.
  15. Walking Backwards
  16.  No Touch
    This game, best played in crowded areas or parties, consists of making it
    from one spot to another without touching anyone, or anything. Can be played competitvely.
  17.  Yell the Colors
    Scream out at the top of your lungs, any of the colors that you see.
    Very difficult to play for more than 4 for 5 seconds.
  18.  Pocket Catch
    This stupid game, like most others, sounds stupid but can be fun.
    You simply toss something in the air, usually a coin, and try and
    catch it in one of your pockets.
  19. Do Things Lefty
  20. Look for Change
  21. Stay Awake
  22.  Just in Time
    When passing through a closing door, jump through just before the opening closes.
  23. Don't Touch Anything
  24. Never be Alone
  25. Walk Barefoot
  26. Don't Slouch

    III Eating Games

  27. Eating to Excess
  28. Eating Your Fingers
  29. Salt Your Wounds
  30. Sit In The Kitchen
  31. Throw Your Food
  32. Check In The Fridge
  33.  Fix The Gum
    A. This is really a game children play on each other.
    After eating a stick of gum, don't crumple the wrapper.
    Try and put the wrapper back together, creating an allusionary
    piece of gum for an excited gum chewer.
    B. Same as above, but the gum that you put back has been used.
  34.  Bend the Utensil
    Bend a metal utensil, then try and bend it back.
    The spoon is perhaps the most commonly bent utensil.
  35. Pick up the Crumbs
    Don't have to save them
  36. Eat with Your Hands
  37. Chew Your Food
  38. Eat Well
  39. Wipe it on Your Face

    IV Driving Games

  40.  Move Your Car
    A. Whenever your headed back to your car in a crowded parking
    area, with keys in hand, go to a car closer than your own. If your
    good, you can make prospective parkers follow you to cars that you
    don't have the keys for, and therefore, cannot move.
    B. Move your car from one open spot to another, until you run
    out of gas.
  41. Driving Slow
  42. Abandon Your Vehicle

    V Games You Can Wear

  43. Wear a Belt
  44.  Change Clothes
    Two people strip and change clothes.
  45. Shirt Yoga
    Sit Indian style and put your shirt over your knees.


    VI Games For the Big Screen

  46. Keep Clapping
  47. Don't Sit with Your Friends
  48.  Pay for the Movie
    Be satisfied by only purchasing a ticket stub, it is not
    necessary to actually go in and watch the film.

    VII Phone Games

  49.  Phoneacide
    Put a For Sale sign with your phone number in a public place.
    Sell something very cheap. Like your stereo for $20. When people call
    you to ask about your merchandise, tell them "It's not for sale!!",
    people will call you continuously if you phoneacide is enticing enough.
  50. Scream into the Phone
  51.  Whistle(This old man) over the Phone
    Have your friends guess the tune you are whistling over the phone.
    Can be played with people who you do not know.

    VIII Social Games

  52. Stand in Groups for Long Periods of Time
  53. Say Stupid Things To Strangers
  54. Sit in the Rain
  55. Go Naked
  56.  Ask for Blue
    Ask a friend or a local merchant if they have any "Blue" in stock.
    With a straight face.
  57. Stand in the Sun
  58. Pay your Debits
  59.  Switch Places
    Switch spots with someone who you are talking to, or who you are sitting next to.
  60.  Molecules
    After the elevator door closes, run around the elevator,
    bouncing round the room, off walls and other passengers until the
    doors open again.
  61. Smell Your Friends
  62.  Recount Stupid Games
    This consists of sitting around and talking about all the stupid
    games you've played or would like to play.
  63.  Do-se-Do your Friend
    Girls hands on hips, Boys arms folded; Do-Se-Do Your Friend.
  64. Stall The Waitress
    Talk to your server as long as possible.
    Eventually order something.
  65. Smell your Friends again
  66. Roll in the Snow

    IX Games for the Home

  67. Ruin your Room
  68.  Pass the time
    When setting a clock, pass the proper time, and go around until
    it comes up again. Then Pass the Time again, and again, how long can
    you play pass the time? You may never know.
  69. Lock the Door
  70.  Search Your Seat
    Take a look and see if you can't find a stray comb, or and extra quarter.
  71. Move away from the T.V.
  72. Don't Flush
  73. Sleep in the Basement
  74. Stay at Home
  75. Make holes in the Ceiling
  76. Sit in the Dark
  77. Move
    Doesn't matter where, across the street, if there's a space for rent try it out.

    X Obnoxious Games

  78.  Acting Fat
    Sit around, watch the tube, puff up your cheeks, try not to move too much.
  79. Violent Chess
    Forget about placing pieces down gently
  80. Shoot at the Sky
  81. Talking Loud
  82.  Keep it Away
    When handing something over to someone, pull your hand back
    before they grab it. Great game to play when giving your drivers licence
    to a highway patrol officier.

    XI Non-Categorical Stupid Games

  83. Washing Fish
  84. Fall Down
  85. Throw Valuable things into the Woods
  86. Stand on Shit
  87. Clean your Hands
  88. Stand by the Speaker
  89.  In Through-the-Outdoor
    Enter the exit door and visa-versa. Challenging game for supermarkets.
  90. Shave your Head
  91. Carry an Axe

    XII The Classic Stupid Games

  92.  I'm Not Afraid
    "I'm Not Afraid" is perhaps the father of all stupid Games.
    The participants sit anywhere from 2 - 15 feet apart. They take turns
    lobbing a bean bag (preferably a foot bag) at the others face. The object
    is to let the bag hit you in the face, and then you were not afraid.
  93. Lose and Go Find
  94. Polish Roulette (No Bullets)
  95. Piss in the Wind
  96. Run Aimlessly Through the Woods
  97. Run From Authority
  98. Keep Meaningless Statistics
  99. Take Long Walks
  100. Throw Your Change
  101.  Go the Wrong Way
    Head off in a direction different than the one that
    would take you where you originally intended to go.
    Can be competitive.

Enjoy these games, if you can. If you come up with any new ones, drop me a line